• Don't let a routine traffic stop turn into a tragedy!

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About us

After years of frustration in seeing incidences of confrontations involving police and motorists during traffic stops which sometimes resulted in serious injury or death, and myself being stopped, told to put hands out the window by a police officer, with his gun pointed at me, who later said I was stopped for driving 8 mph over the speed limit while pulling into the parking lot of my job - I figured, there has to be a way of eliminating this type of unnecessary potentially deadly encounter and fears leading to the confrontations.

Hence, my wife and I came up with an idea to create something that could put a buffer between, and successfully end the fears that lead to these encounters during routine traffic stops - "CALM"

Our mission is to get our product in the hands of as many motorists as possible, to ultimately save lives. We are also advocating the acceptance and acknowledgement of this product by law enforcement and local governments as beneficial and necessary.

Our product

Our product: CALM

License and registration presenter (quality long lasting)

9" x 9" square

Quality Faux leather

Vinyl wrapped hooks

Basic metal hooks (optional)

Nylon reflector tape (night visible)

Clear vinyl weatherproof pockets

Background of invention

In present times, individuals are always looking for a means to have their license and registration ready during a pull-over. Currently, individuals would oftentimes keep their registration card in the glovebox compartment of their vehicle, resulting in the individual to reach over to the other seat and acquire it. This can be an inconvenience to the individual, especially in low light conditions, and can possibly lead to potentially frantic altercations with the officer witnessing the individual grab their license and registration credentials.

The present invention aims to solve this problem. The present invention features a quick and convenient means in presenting the users license and registration to an officer in a non threatening manner, effectively eliminating any negative confrontation.

How and when to use

"Overall consumer attractiveness and demand for this new invention/product is likely to be high"

Lambert and Lambert Marketing

"This is a great idea, everyone should get one. It should definitely deter conflict during traffic stops"